These Lightroom presets are designed to complement the complex and majestic grace of our Earth as captured through your lens while respecting the unique and delicate skin tones and colours found in your portraiture.

Hi I'm Mavikh Azam, almost all of you must be directed here from Instagram so I guess you already know me so get to the point.
A. There are radial and graduated filters used in some presets (Especially in Jodhpur Blue) so while using my presets kindly adjust or remove those according to the needs of the picture you're editing.
B. Brazilian Orange & Italian Peach only these two presets are solely made for portraits toh in dono ko kisi aur picture pe use karna, picture barbaad karnay wali baat hogi unless you know what you're doing.
C. The basic settings of these presets are set generally so kindly after applying the preset play around with the basic settings like exposure, temperature, clarity etc according to your picture to achieve the best results.
D. Related to the payment I suggest that simply use the easy paisa option instead of the bank transfer and all, in easy paisa you just have to send the payment and after receiving it I'll send you the presets via email directly, that'll be easier for everyone.
E. MOST IMPORTANTLY After getting these presets keep in mind that do not I repeat DO NOT post on your Instagram or stories that you're using my presets. There shouldn't be any hashtag regarding this neither do I want any type of credits on the pictures that are edited using my presets.
Happy Editing!

Disclaimer : Dont share these presets with your friends, support local artists, use purchased presets.

Brazillian Orange

Bristol Green

Italian Peach

Jodhpur Blue

Misgar Pantone

Dark as Alaska

Iceland Whites

Sunsets and Silhoettes

Eritrea Red

Sibbi Warm

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